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The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory is a psychometric screening instrument which identifies substance abuse and dependence disorders, even when the individual is unable or unwilling to acknowledge a problem or symptoms associated with it.

  • The Adult SASSI 3 has an overall accuracy of 93% *
  • The Adolescent SASSI A2 has an overall accuracy of 95% *
  • It also produces a hypothetical psychological profile of the individual, which can be useful in engaging and motivating them and in care planning with them.
  • The SASSI is not intended to replace a thorough individual assessment, but to be used as a supplement to such an assessment.
  • The measure takes approximately 15 minutes to administer, and 1-2 minutes to score.
  • There is an adolescent version, which is suitable for use with 12 to 18 year olds and an adult version, which is intended for use with people aged 18 and upwards.
  • There is a pencil and paper version of the measure, and there are electronic versions, intended for organisations dealing with larger numbers of clients.
  • The purpose of the SASSI is to help people with substance misuse problems. Its use for any other purpose is unethical. SASSI Direct Ltd maintains a register of trained users and applicants with professional eligibility to purchase.
  • All SASSI materials are copyright.

* Normed on a US Population

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