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our materials and their costs

SASSI Materials

Adolescent SASSI A3 version is suitable for 12-18 year olds

Adult SASSI 4 version is suitable for 18 years upwards

Pencil and Paper Version

For each administration of the SASSI, you need:

a questionnaire

a profile

a scoring key

The scoring key can be used again and again.  The Manual / Users’ Guide  provides instructions, important reminders and examples of the SASSI in use.

Practitioners wishing to purchase the SASSI without prior training will be required to complete the “qualification” form to evidence their professional integrity and assessment competence. Eligibility to purchase, administer and / or use these measures for clinical purposes is limited to individuals with appropriate training and experience in the area of substance misuse assessment.  Individuals who do not have professional training can administer and score the instrument only if there is appropriate supervision.

Trainees who have completed a Part One SASSI training are invited to join the database of approved UK users, and can purchase materials from that date.  A starter pack is available, containing 25 Questionnaires and Profiles, plus a Scoring Key and Manual / User’s Guide.  This will enable new SASSI users to familiarise themselves with the instrument without committing to a large scale purchase.

In order to ensure that only approved users purchase the SASSI, we keep a database of SASSI trained / approved practitioners.  Please inform us if you wish to be removed from this database, or if you do not wish to receive further information about SASSI.

Clinical support is available by telephone or email to all SASSI users.

Our Prices

Adult SASSI 4 & Adolescent A3

Small Starter Kit*                                          £ 130.00

Large Starter Kit*                                         £ 230.00

*Starter Kits contain User/Manual, Scoring Key and 25 (small) or 100 (large) Screens and Profile sheets.  All initial purchases of SASSI 3 & SASSI 4 materials must be of Starter Kits.  Thereafter:

25 screens & profiles£    55.00 = £2.20/each
100        “£  180.00 = £1.80/each
400        “£   700.00 = £1.75/each
500        “£   850.00 = £1.70/each
600        “£   990.00 = £1.65/each
1000       “£ 1,600.00 = £1.60/each
2500       “£3,875.00  = £1.55/each
5000       “£ 7,500.00 = £1.50/each
scoring key£        10.00 
user guide/manual£      75.00