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SASSI Training

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Part One – Administration and Scoring

A full day’s training which will equip participants to administer and score both the Adult and Adolescent versions of the SASSI and to provide clients with a basic interpretation of the psychological profile.  This day is very practical.  The process can be likened to learning to drive.  At the end of this day, the participants will know how to steer, the importance of the clutch, and how to change gear.  However, they will need to gain practice in order to feel confident and to fix their knowledge in their memories.  It is therefore recommended that organisers schedule some time between a Part One and a Part Two, in order to give participants the opportunity to use the SASSI with clients.  When they return for a Part Two training day, participants are asked to bring with them suitably anonymised profiles of real clients, for more meaningful discussion.

Part Two –  Interpretation and Feedback (either Adult or Adolescent)

As most practitioners are working either with adults or with adolescents, separate Part Two training days may be provided for each, which give a more specialised focus.  Continuing the driving analogy, attendees should now be confident they can work the controls, and will be starting to look at the road to see what’s coming, what is the bigger picture, and what is the significance of this new information.  This day is much more informal and participative.  By the end of it, participants will be able to interpret the psychological profiling in more depth, and be able to relate this to referral decisions and care planning.  They will have considered how best to feedback the information to clients and how to use it to motivate and inspire.  They will have had the opportunity to discuss with their peers the profiles of real clients whom they have recently assessed and gained a practical understanding of the sorts of insights which the SASSI can provide.  Optional topics such as using the SASSI in report writing can be included.


Pre-scheduled open training days

In order to ensure that participants have an opportunity to participate fully, each session will be limited to eight people. We aim to offer one “Open” Part 1 session and one “Open” Part 2 session on pre-scheduled days each month, for lone participants or small groups. Sessions start at 10.00am and finish between 4 and 4.30pm.

The first Scheduled Training days will be:
Monday 1 March 2021 Part One

Monday 29 March 2021 Part Two

Please be sure to book at least two weeks in advance, to allow time for necessary materials to be sent out to you.

See Bookings tab for more dates.

Group training sessions
For larger teams wishing to be trained en bloc, convenient dates can be agreed, with 8 participants being trained on the same day, or 16 on two successive days. Please contact us to make arrangements for this.


INDIVIDUALS attending Open Sessions:

 The price per person for each training day is £150

Where three or more people from the same organisation book on to the same session, a 10% reduction is offered.

GROUP Prices:

The day rate for groups is £1000 for Part 1 and £1000 for Part 2, for up to 16 trainees.

Organisations or individuals wishing to book in-house training places please contact us to discuss your requirements.

SASSI Direct training has been mapped to the DANOS standards and can be found on the DANOS learning resource database.  It helps people develop their skills and competence in the following DANOS units: AA2, AC1, AF,AG, AI1, AI2, AJ, BA, BB1 ,BC, BE, BG1, BG3, BG4, BI2, BI4, CA, & CB


2021 Training Dates

Spring – Summer 2021

Monday March 1Part One

Monday March 29Part Two

Wednesday April 7Part One

Wednesday April 28Part Two

Monday May 3Part One

Monday May 31Part Two

Wednesday June 9Part One

Wednesday June 30Part Two

Autumn – Winter 2021

Monday September 6Part One

Monday September 27Part Two

Wednesday October 6Part One

Wednesday October 27Part Two

Monday November 1Part One

Monday November 29Part Two

To enquire about booking a place, please fill in the booking form




Organisation name and address

Number of participants

For all other training enquiries, please contact us

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