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SASSI Direct providing psychometric screening tools

The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory

Here at SASSI Direct we have over 20 years experience providing psychometric screening instruments designed to assist professionals in the assessment of individuals with substance use issues. 

Our clients love it!  With its ease of use, it gives a “backbone” to subjective assessments and delivers an efficient use of staff time.

The screening tool provides:

  • A high degree of accuracy and reliability
  • Unambiguous probability statements
  • Standardised internationally recognised definitions of problem status
  • Psychological profiling
  • Ice breakers for enhanced engagement
  • Hooks for motivational work
  • Indicators to inform care planning
  • Objective evidence to support report writing
Supporting assessment ...
SASSI interview

Improving the quality of substance misuse assessments

A multi-functional psychometric screening instrument

With a high degree of accuracy,  the SASSI identifies substance use in individuals even if they are unable or unwilling to acknowledge problems or associated symptoms.  It is normed on the internationally recognised DSM V criteria for Mild, Moderate, Severe Substance Use Disorders. 

The SASSI is a supplement to a thorough individual assessment.

It produces a hypothetical psychological profile and features up to 11 scales to indicate the presence and extent of any relevant dysfunctions.

Our Training

Our training is split into two separate days, giving you the knowledge and understanding of how to incorporate SASSI into your workflow. See below for a brief breakdown.

SASSI Materials

Here at SASSI Direct we provide materials for both Adult and Adolescent screening tools. Providing a users guide which gives instructions, important reminders and examples of use. 

All first time purchases are in the form of our starter packs, with 25 questionnaires and profiles, along with the scoring key and users guide. This gives you the benefit of familiarise yourself with the instrument without committing to a large scale purchase.