Legal issues

The SASSI is a powerful screening instrument designed to help specialist and non-specialist professionals better address the needs of clients who may have substance misuse problems.  It is intended to help people, and its use in any manner or context which might disadvantage them will be deemed unethical and could contravene the law. For this reason, only trained professionals, or those with prior qualifications in psychological or social assessment skills are entitled to use the SASSI.

SASSI Direct Ltd maintains a list of individuals trained in its administration and interpretation.  Individuals wishing to be removed from this list may have their details deleted on request. However, once removed from the list, they may no longer be entitled to purchase SASSI materials.

All SASSI materials are copyright, and any unauthorised copying of tests, profiles, manuals, user guides, scoring keys or training materials or their copyright contents is illegal.  The copyright is vested in the SASSI Institute in Bloomington, Indiana and is protected by international law.

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