The new Adolescent SASSI is now available in the UK !  This third revision of the Adolescent SASSI (known as the SASSI A3), offers new features and improvements to enhance the effectiveness and scope of this screening instrument.  

Validated against the DSM V criteria, the A3 includes extra subtle items to reflect current patterns of drug and alcohol use among teenagers.  It also contains a prescription drug scale to identify young people who are likely to be misusing prescribed medication, as well as questions relating to ingestion of edible cannabis and to vaping

The culmination of two years of research, designed primarily to align the screening instrument with the symptoms highlighted in the DSM V criteria, the A3 not only offers a window into the misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs, plus in addition edible cannabis and vaping, which were not previously covered, but distinguishes likely Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) even when other psychological symptoms are present.  

THERE ARE SOME LIMITED STOCKS OF THE ADOLESCENT A2 still available for practitioners who prefer to use this version.  They are available at a reduced rate, i.e. with a 25% discount.  Please order early to ensure that you are able to access these.



All SASSI training will now be offered online!  This is not only expedient, but is likely to be more convenient for many people, and promises to deliver a similar experience to face-to-face sessions.